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Come experience the healing power of acupuncture

Located in Vienna, VA

Balancing Rocks
Personalized Treatments 

I create personalized treatments specifically for you. You are unique and deserve a treatment plan completely custom to your needs and goals. My purpose is to help you thrive in your healing journey. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbs are offered and may be recommended to help treat your condition at the root level and restore balance within your body.

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Cupping is used to remove stagnation from the body and return qi (energy) to its natural flow. Cupping helps relieve stress & tension from tight shoulders and back. Cupping is used to help break up knots & increases circulation to assist in healing old & new injuries. 


Women's Health
Fertility & Pregnancy

  • Fertility Support + Cycle Regulation

  • IVF Support

  • Pregnancy Complaints 

    • Nausea, Constipation, Migraines, Back + Sciatic pain, Gestational Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Anxiety​, Heartburn

  • Breech Baby

  • Labor Preparation 

Pain Management

  • Headaches + Migraines

  • Muscle Tightness + Trigger Points

  • Neck + Shoulder Pain

  • Upper + Lower Back Pain

  • Hip + Sciatic Pain


  • Increased Collagen Production

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Redness, Skin Complexion

  • Acne & Scarring


Client success stories

"I highly recommend her as she provides and experience that ensures you've made the right decision for your overall health and wellness. "

Yoga Pose

Ericka has ben very thorough, knowledgeable and caring throughout my experiences with her. Each time I meet with her, I learn something new, and I am able to bring that knowledge into my day to day life. She has helped me so much most notably with my depression, anxiety and GI distress. She has also helped me with muscle aches and strains - acupuncture really eases that discomfort too. I highly recommend her as a provider and she provides an experience that ensures you've made the right decision for your overall health and wellness. Acupuncture is life changing. I'm so glad I found Ericka!!

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125 Pleasant St SW

Door A

Vienna, VA 22180


Tuesday - Friday: 10 -7

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